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    Our workshop Recruitment for your start into the recruitment with Odoo

    With our workshop Odoo Recruitment we show you and your users the structure and functionalities of the module Recruitment to map your recruitment processes in Odoo.

    The goal of our workshop Odoo Recruitment is to provide a common understanding of the module Recruitment in Odoo through targeted user training. Thus we enable you and your users to map your individual recruitment processes in Odoo in a structured way. This includes the management of your jobs, the administration of your applications and application documents as well as the connection to the Odoo website.

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    You can expect the following contents in our workshop:

    Features of the module



    General configuration

    Online job postings

    Interview forms

    Definition of stages

    Access rights management

    Explanation of the access rights groups

    --> Referral User

    --> User

    --> Administrator

    Workflow Jobs

    Creation of job postings

    Online job postings

    Design of job postings

    Workflow Applications

    Creation of applications

    Mapping of the recruitment process

    Communication with applicants

    Online applications

    Integration into other modules






    We conduct the Odoo Recruitment workshop together with the relevant users of your company in your Odoo system or a demo system, either on your premises, in our office or remotely as a web session.

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