Uncomplicated post digitization in Odoo

From the standard letter directly into the ERP system
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Uncomplicated post digitization in Odoo
manaTec GmbH, Laura Schoeder

The ERP system Odoo enables us to map all company processes within a self-contained database. Even the incoming and outgoing mail of a company can be mapped digitally here. Working transparently and effectively in today's world has never been easier than with Odoo.

Every company knows it - the "paper chaos" caused by countless letters, which never ends. On top of that, there is the additional work of daily filing and the corresponding forwarding of information. But we have developed a solution that will enable you to work not only more effectively but also more transparently in the future. In today's blog, we'll show you how easy it is to do just that.

Work 4.0, New Work and digitalization

The principle of Work 4.0 goes hand in hand with digitization in the modern working world. In companies, it is becoming more and more common for employees to have the chance to work flexible hours, work from different locations, and access all the information they need from different devices at any time. The principle of Work 4.0, also known as New Work, goes hand in hand with the individual freedom of employees to shape their work according to their own needs.

Since we are given a lot of freedom to do this in our current age, however, companies still need to perform well in day-to-day matters and ensure a good flow of information at all times. 
In the coming sections, we will compare the everyday standard mail process with the innovatively used mail digitization process of manaTec.

The standard letter process
Every company has a business address and usually gets mail sent to that address. The mail then sits in the mailbox until it is removed from the mailbox by a person. It then has to be opened, read and, in many cases, documented. However, some of the mail is intended for colleagues in the company who currently work exclusively from the home office. Nevertheless, important information must be passed on. Thus, the letter has to be scanned manually and sent by mail. Even today, documenting often involves punching holes in the letters, picking out the appropriate folders and filing the notes. In the course of time, quite a lot of mail and paper can accumulate and the space of folders in the office shelf becomes increasingly scarce. 
Furthermore, in today's world, the problem may arise that at times there is no one in the office and there is no person to take the mail out of the mailbox and open it. Of course, there is the possibility of hiring an external person, but then there is the problem of data protection again. This lengthy and now long outdated process has been a thing of the past at manaTec for some time now.

The standard letter process
The standard letter process

The digitized mail process at manaTec
manaTec gets its mail transferred to the Postbox module in the Odoo ERP system very simply and straightforwardly. The company has created the possibility for this itself. Employees with the appropriate authorization can easily access the inbox from anywhere. No one has to empty the mailbox, no one has to forward information or scan letters, and certainly no one has to file them. We save paper, space and most importantly: time! Because we can use all of this much more effectively in our company these days.
Due to the fact that it would also be possible to work completely remotely within manaTec, the company is also very well positioned digitally in terms of incoming mail. The only thing we need for this is the expert knowledge of manaTec, a postal service provider and the Postbox module in Odoo.

With an external service provider to the Postbox module in Odoo
Caya GmbH's service offering makes it possible for us to access our physical incoming mail digitally in an uncomplicated way. They work in the field of document management and mail digitization. We will show how exactly this ultimately takes place via Odoo later in the article. 
The external service provider sets up a forwarding order for companies that want to digitize their mail. In their company complex, the incoming mail, including the associated envelope as well as the incoming mail stamp, is scanned. 
According to Statista, inefficient document management reduces productivity by 44 percent. Within the tool, documents can be automatically categorized. Incoming mail is automatically distributed to appropriate locations and securely filed.  

Doubts about data protection? Not with our IT solution!
Corresponding mail digitization service providers, especially those of manaTec, meet the necessary standards according to ISO norms. This includes, among other things, high-security server centers. Company data, remains company data and is not accessible to anyone outside the digitization process.

Within Caya, there is the so-called "document cockpit". With a set-up login, you can find your digitized mail there. manaTec GmbH has created a redirection so that the mail is forwarded directly to the Postbox module in the Odoo ERP system. The Postbox module in the ERP system Odoo can be seen in the image below.

The Postbox module in Odoo
The Postbox module appears as a standalone module in the Dashboard

The Postbox module in Odoo 
In one we have already taken up our self-developed Postbox module. All basic usage benefits and information can be found here.
In short, all incoming mail is simply mapped in this module. The individual letters can be individually assigned to the responsible employees, so that no information can get lost or only reach people with a time delay.

The digitized mailbox in Odoo

It is also possible for each employee with the appropriate access to also store letters for the inbox. This means that the digital outbox is also secure and clearly documented. The only thing we need is the integration of the Postbox module in our ERP system Odoo and we are ready to go. With manaTec as your partner, no questions will remain unanswered or problems unsolved.

Digitization of letters in PDF format
Digitization of letters in PDF

Nowadays it is more important than ever to keep up with the process of digitalization. On the one hand, not to lag behind other companies and, on the other hand, to fully exploit the possibility of efficient work. The digitalized incoming and outgoing mail in combination with the ERP system Odoo is a modern way to save time and resources in an uncomplicated way and thus to use them more efficiently. Through the innovative combination of both products, manaTec has successfully created a new possibility within the New Work trend. . 

Do you have questions about the Postbox module or other products? Contact us now and we will be happy to assist you as a reliable Odoo partner!

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