Odoo 13 - Module Project Management

Planning, steering and controlling of projects

Many companies process their orders within the framework of projects. A project is characterised by different features. It is a unique process with precisely defined activities, which are characterized by a fixed start and end time. In addition, a project works towards a clear goal, which is to be achieved taking into account various conditions, such as time and resources.

Project management is defined as the initiation, planning, steering, control and completion of a project. The project is managed by the project manager, who represents the project to the client and leads the project team. In international comparison there are different project management standards, which follow different approaches within the different project management processes.

The project management controls and monitors the activities within the individual project phases and thus pursues the successful completion of a project
The project management controls and monitors the activities within the individual project phases and thus pursues the successful completion of a project.

In our today's blog we will deal with the Project Management module of Odoo. The module comes with two different access rights, user and administrator. The user has read rights for the projects and project tasks and is additionally authorized to delete his own time entries in the project tasks as well as the project tasks themselves. The administrator has full access rights to the projects, project tasks, reporting and configuration of the module.

If we are in the dashboard of Odoo and open the project management module, we get to the overview of all projects. Here we can manage our projects and create new projects. Besides the already known functions like searching, grouping and defining favorites, we have the possibility to mark single projects with colors. In addition, we can see the customer and the number of associated project tasks per project.

The overview of all projects
The overview of all projects.

To create a new project we only need a name for the project. Afterwards we can make various settings for each project. In addition to specifying the project manager and the customer, we can also control the visibility of the project. With three levels we can define whether only invited users, all users or all users and all portal users can access the project. In a multi-company environment, we can also assign the project to a specific company so that the project is visible only in that company.

The configuration of a project
The configuration of a project.

We can also activate the "Collaborative Pads" function. This changes the "description" field of a project task into a field in which we can communicate with different team members and differentiate their comments by color, for example, per user. Thus Odoo optimizes the collaboration of several team members within one project task.

Furthermore, we can activate time recording within the project tasks and additionally, instead of manual input, we can have them tracked via start/stop button. Once we have configured an incoming and outgoing mail server, we can define an email alias per project. If we then send an e-mail to this alias, a project task is created in this project based on the e-mail.

Once we have made all the settings according to our ideas, we open the project and finally create the project stages, which we can also define per project. Within the configuration of the project stages we assign a name and have the possibility to define that the respective stage in the project board is collapsed by default. A very helpful functionality, especially for the management of customer projects, is the assignment of an e-mail template to a project stage. If a project task reaches a certain level, Odoo automatically sends an e-mail to the respective customer. This not only creates transparency in communication, but also avoids manual activities.

The overview of all tasks in a project, assigned to the respective project level
The overview of all tasks in a project, assigned to the respective project level.

Within the project board, we can move the project tasks between the individual project stages as we wish. If we create a new project task, it will be automatically assigned to the respective project. In addition, we assign the project task to an internal user, respectively to the person who will also complete the task. Furthermore, we have the possibility to select a customer or contact person of the customer. Specifying the deadline and keywords allows us to prioritize and categorize the project task.

The description serves us to specify the project task. We use time recording to record our project times per project task and later evaluate them or invoice them to the customer. Via "Action" we can archive, delete or duplicate the project task. Finally we find the functions for internal and external communication (notes, messages) as well as the activity planning in the project task's chatter.

The creation of a task in the project
The creation of a task in the project.

Within the general settings of the Project Management module, we still find a few settings that are helpful for us. For example, we can activate the function of subtasks to use a second level for our project tasks. Furthermore, we can link the Planning module with Project Management and thus carry out staff planning at project level. Furthermore we have the possibility to activate the time recording for the project tasks, which is deactivated in the Odoo standard for the time being.

In addition to the navigation to the general settings of the module, the configuration menu of the module leads us to a list view of all projects which we use to access the settings of the project, to the configuration of the keywords of the project tasks and to the configuration of the activity types of the module. Finally, the "Reporting" menu provides various evaluation options at project level.

So we see that the Project Management module offers us some helpful possibilities and functions for our project management. How we link a project to a sales order, bill project times to a customer or define products in such a way that they generate projects or project tasks when sold, you will learn in one of our next blog posts.

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