Accounting in Odoo

Accounting in Odoo

Configuration of the Accounting module and accounting export to DATEV.

The accounting and especially the bookkeeping of a company represent an extensive and complex field of activity. This complexity does not only arise from the multitude of accounting processes, but also from the interaction of many stakeholders, such as suppliers, customers, tax consultants, auditors and your internal experts. In addition, there is the challenge of mapping the accounting processes in your ERP system and linking them with accounting software such as DATEV. This is the only way to comply with the specifications for correct accounting, which are defined and demanded by the tax offices.

As a specialized and reliable partner for Odoo implementation and the mapping of complex business processes, we know your challenge and offer you a clever solution to support you in the mapping of your accounting transactions.

With the Accounting module, Odoo offers a modern accounting software, which simplifies the cooperation of your accountants, customers and suppliers, and in addition presents it clearly and comprehensibly. The module's dashboard gives you a quick overview of your finances. The narrow menu navigation also gives you access to detailed overviews of your incoming and outgoing invoices as well as extensive evaluations of your financial situation. With the help of our expertise for accounting processes in Odoo, we support you in configuring the Accounting module.

Odoo Accounting

When configuring the Accounting module, our focus is on the following points in particular:

  • Completing your company settings

  • Import and configuration of your customers, suppliers and products

  • Configuration of your bank accounts

  • Selection of the chart of accounts

  • Confirmation of your tax rates

  • Establishment of foreign currencies

  • Import of your outstanding transactions and the starting balance

  • Configuration of the sequences of your incoming and outgoing invoices

  • Definition of users for accounting

In addition, in cooperation with our partner syscoon GmbH, we offer you the possibility to conveniently export your booking records from Odoo to DATEV. The interface developed by syscoon offers all possibilities necessary for a proper export of bookings from Odoo to DATEV. The export file itself is structured in the DATEV standard format for ASCII import. A configuration in DATEV is therefore not necessary. The import can take place directly.

syscoon GmbH

syscoon GmbH

syscoon GmbH is an owner-managed consulting and IT company specializing in the business software Odoo. With extensive expertise in tax and financial consulting, syscoon GmbH supports the integration and migration of accounting in Odoo. Not only in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and the USA.

A big advantage over the XML interfaces is that the ASCII export does not only consider incoming and outgoing invoices, but all bookings created in Odoo can be exported. One of the most important features is the mandatory field of the fixed interest indicator, without which an import can no longer take place, which has been necessary since the beginning of 2016. Furthermore, the export interface offers the possibility to select between gross and net export and to define the journals to be exported. There is also the option to validate bookings. This makes it possible to have Odoo check whether the VAT rate set in an invoice matches the tax rate for the automatic account before creating entries.

The filling of the fields in the export, such as document fields 1 and 2 or the booking text, can be adapted to your individual requirements on request. The configuration of the additional data required for the export, such as whether the posting account is an automatic account or which tax key is used in DATEV for the tax rate, can be carried out in the corresponding new fields in the accounts and tax rates. By installing the DATEV export interface, some fields necessary for the export are added to the entry lines. For postings that are already in the system, these fields are not filled at first. syscoon also offers a small migration tool to help with this.

How important this topic is for companies is shown by the great interest of our customers in our complete solution for mapping their accounting processes. In 2019, we were already successful with our customers ARTS Group, W4 Marketing AG and DISTREX regarding the implementation of their accounting processes.

At our customer DISTREX, for example, we configured the accounting module, installed the syscoon modules for accounting export in DATEV and conducted the workshop with syscoon to configure the modules. In addition, we support DISTREX in the ongoing business by booking their business transactions in Odoo and carry out the accounting export for the customer.

This allows our customers to concentrate on their core business while reducing the effort and cost of their accounting activities.

You need support for your accounting?

No problem. We support you with our expertise in Odoo accounting!