Power BI - ABC Analysis for Sales

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Odoo-based classification of products and customers in sales

Using ABC analysis as a classification tool gives you quick and easy insight into fundamental data for prioritization and decision support. Use it to prioritize and improve profitability by allocating resources and effort to areas of greatest benefit. Streamlining by focusing on the essentials offers you potential savings and increased efficiency and effectiveness for upcoming optimization measures.

The Power BI project file prepared for you here (incl. quick start guide) allows you to connect your Odoo system to Power BI with minimal configuration effort. Included are four pre-configured reports for sales, with templates for ABC analyses on product variants, templates, categories and customers by sales. Class boundaries for prioritization levels are freely selectable within the metrics and pre-defined according to the "70-20-10" rule. Therefore, the respective standard report immediately provides you with an overview of important class A products and customers, which cover 70% of sales in the selected period, as well as class B and C, which account for 20% and the remaining 10% of sales, respectively.

The product* is addressed to interested parties who rely on Odoo to handle their business processes and want to extend reporting with an ABC analysis in sales. If necessary, the product can be extended at any time, for example, to purchasing, which can be done both in BI self-service or gladly with our support.

For a smooth connection, the following Odoo modules must be installed and used by you: Sales and Contacts. Furthermore, it is necessary to provide the free tool Microsoft Power BI Desktop in a Windows environment for the evaluation. For the connection of the data sources, access to the underlying Odoo database must be set up in advance in the case of on-premises hosting and the Odoo rights management must be configured accordingly in the case of cloud hosting via Odoo.sh.

* Plus annual software maintenance fee in the amount of € 70.00, notice period: three months before the end of the contract year.

Contact us at any time for extended support in addition to configuration in the area of Power BI - we will be happy to advise you on the introduction or optimization of your reporting, even away from Odoo.