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Our Postbox for managing your incoming and outgoing mail in Odoo

With our Postbox module, we expand the Odoo module landscape and offer a way to digitalize your incoming and outgoing mail traffic. You can keep track of your incoming and outgoing correspondence at all times and create and sign new letters directly in Odoo.

By using our Postbox module in Odoo, you benefit from the following features:

Custom module in Odoo dashboard to manage incoming and outgoing physical mail

Dedicated overview of incoming and outgoing mail with integrated search and filter function

Consecutive, self-configurable sequence number for the individual objects

Connection of sender and recipient with the modules Contacts or Employees for the selection of already existing contacts or employees, respectively

Integrated history with messages, notes and attachments

Creation of new letters directly from Odoo

Creation and use of letter templates analogous to e-mail templates

Integrated functionality for the digital signature of a letter in Odoo

Individual definition of mail types incl. definition of a default value

Nine different combination options for access rights to the module and for creating new letters from Odoo

Complete functionality in a multi-company environment

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