Odoo IoT

Odoo IoT

The Internet of Things in the industrial sector.

IoT is increasingly used not only in the private sector but also in the industrial sector. Special manufacturing companies already make use of the advantages of automating their machines and plants and thus sustainably optimizing their production processes. In addition, other areas of application for the use of IoT technology have established themselves in recent times, such as Smart City, Smart Energy or Smart Supply Chain.

For the application of IoT in the industrial sector, Odoo has also recognized the potential and, with its IoT module and the IoT box, provides an intelligent solution for connecting smart devices to the ERP system.


Odoo IoT Box

  • Connection with Odoo via ethernet connection or WiFi

  • Connection of smart devices via USB, HDMI, serial port, WiFi, bluetooth

  • Display of all connected devices in the Odoo IoT module

With the Odoo IoT box, various smart devices are networked directly with Odoo, managed and configured in the IoT module and their data automatically transferred to an Odoo object. For example, a camera, a measuring tool, a foot switch or a printer can be integrated into the work processes.

By connecting a camera it is possible to take pictures during a quality control and to document them in the inspection process without uploading the pictures separately in the system. A similar functionality is offered by the connection of measuring tools with the IoT box. The automatic transfer of measured values from the quality inspection avoids manual entries in the system, thus possible incorrect entries and ensures faultless data.

To optimize the production process, a foot switch can be connected to the IoT box. The footswitch ensures that the production staff can use their hands for the actual production and do not have to switch between production and input in the ERP system. By stepping on the foot switch, the operator in Odoo automatically switches to the next production step.

A printer can also be connected to the IoT box to label the products once production has been completed. Odoo assigns serial numbers for the products, which are printed directly on the product label. Thus a clear allocation of serial number and product is guaranteed.

More useful information about the IoT connection to Odoo can be found in our blog.

Our IoT projects.

In cooperation with our customers we also use the IoT connection to Odoo. We do not limit ourselves to the standard functionalities, but constantly strive to research the extension of the standard. In this context, we are primarily investigating the possibilities of connecting production machines to Odoo for the transfer of data and thus generating key figures for production processes and quality management.

We focus on the generation of key performance indicators and their translation into long-term analyses within the framework of Business Intelligence using Power BI. The data represent an important data source for us, which can be transferred to a data warehouse and evaluated. This enables us to analyze production processes in real time and to optimize our customers' production processes sustainably.

Are you looking for an innovative and reliable partner to implement your IoT connection? Do you also want to analyze and optimize your production processes? No problem! We will be happy to support you as a competent partner!