Your new solution for all personnel processes.

HR management is a core process in every company. The introduction of our HR management software promotes the digitization of business processes and helps to make HR management workflows simpler and more efficient. The focus is on usability, because a  user-friendly interface with a clearly organized structure and intuitive usability promotes user acceptance and motivation, and thus also their performance.

With manaPersonal, we provide you with exactly this solution. manaPersonal is our Human Resource Management software that allows you to map your personnel and contract management, your attendances and absences as well as your internal communication in a fully digitalized way in one system. In addition, we offer you the option of integrating your payroll accounting and hand it over to the trustworthy hands of FPA Services GmbH our partner of many years.

Growth with manaPersonal can be so easy.

Christoph Lehmann,
Managing Director

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In the demo, you will gain insights into how the daily work in sales is facilitated by intelligent personnel software, with the aim of deploying the sales team in a target-oriented manner and increasing sales. 

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Your advantages at one glance.

Digital all-in-one personnel solution with extensive functions

Easy extensibility with additional features

User-friendly web interface and intuitive usability

Quick implementation in just a few days

Fair licensing model

Strong partners with many years of expertise

What you can expect from manaPersonal.

With manaPersonal you get a modular and scalable personnel management software with a future-oriented and user-friendly web interface at afair price/performance ratio.

manaPersonal is based on the open source solution Odoo, which maps the complex tasks of Human Resource Management software with intuitive usability and modern design. You benefit not only from the continuous development of the Odoo community, but also from numerous additional manaPersonal features.

The following modules and features characterize manaPersonal: 

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

With the Employees module, you manage your internal employees and map your hierarchies and responsibilities.

  • Management of all business and private master data and attachments
  • Definition of departments and assignment of managers
  • Staff deployment and development by means of skills management
  • Creation of onboarding and offboarding plans
  • Direct link to the Contract Management, Attendance and Time Off modules via smart buttons

Reporting system

The reporting system provides you with meaningful key figures for the attendance and absences of your employees.

  • Generation of key figures for the evaluation of attendances and absences
  • Display in a graphical or pivot view
  • Extensive filter options to customize the selection
  • Easy download for further processing in MS Excel or similar software
Contract Management


With the Absence module you manage the absences of your internal staff.

  • Definition of individual absence types
  • Use of multi-stage approval procedures
  • Allocation of vacation entitlement for each employee
  • Creation of absence requests by the employees themselves
  • Organization of the team by means of an overview of all absences of the employees
  • Direct link between employee:in and absence times in the employee object


With the Attendance module you can track the coming, going and break times of your employees.

  • One-click check-in and check-out
  • Display of the working time worked so far per employee
  • Overview of working time per employee
  • Direct link between employee and attendance times in the employee object
Time Off

Contract Management  

With the Contracts module, you keep track of the most important employment contract contents of your employees and always have an overview of all terms.

  • Management of all relevant contract contents and attachments
  • Overview of all contracts and their status
  • Direct link between employee and contract in the employee object

Multi-client Operation

With multi-client operation, you map the business processes of several companies in manaPersonal.

  • Creation of any number of companies in the system
  • Control the access rights of your users to the relevant companies
  • Easy switching between companies
  • Control the visibility of contacts and employees by assigning them to a company
Multi-Company Operation
Communication Portal

Communication platform

The communication platform forms the basis for your internal and external communication via individual or group chat as well as voice and video calls.

  • Centralized inbox
  • Direct message management
  • Creation of public and non-public communication channels
  • Overview of all messages in the newsfeed
  • Extra chatter for system-wide communication
  • Conducting voice and video calls with internal users and customers

How to take care of your accounting straight away.

In addition to these benefits, we offer you the option of integrating your payroll accounting and placing it in the professional hands of our long-standing partner Partners FPA Services GmbH.

FPA offers its customers complete solutions within the entire corporate accounting processes.

In addition to the standard personnel solution manaPersonal, you can also book payroll accounting via FPA. Our partner will take care of your payroll accounting so that you can fully concentrate on your core processes. Learn more!

Specifically, FPA payroll provides the following services:

Generation of the monthly gross-net payrolls

Management of payroll accounts

Hourly wage-based payroll accounting (e.g. in temporary work) in accordance with various collective agreements

Submission of required official notifications

Preparation of certificates (certificate of employment)

Processing of company pension schemes and travel expense reports

Overview of our services.


from 119 € / month

  • Personnel management incl. digital personnel file and skills management
  • On- and offboarding of employees
  • Internal communication platform


from 269 € / month

  • All services of the base module
  • Contract Management
  • Management of attendances and absences
  • Recruiting incl. link to personnel management
  • Overtime evaluation
  • Incoming and outgoing e-mail server for external communication


from 999 € / month

  • All services of the enterprise module
  • Hardware time recording incl. card reader and NFC chip cards
  • Support for manaPersonal setup

For the digitization of particularly complex business processes or the complete , we are also the right contact. Do you have questions about this or our other products?

Write us a short message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your new partner introduces themself.

As a successful Odoo Gold Partner in Germany, we, manaTec GmbH, support you in the implementation and maintenance of the ERP system Odoo. In doing so, we not only have a large number of exciting reference projects , but also cooperate with numerous scientific partners to continuously improve our products. In more than 250 successful projects we prove our expertise, know-how and competence every day.

Odoo Gold Partner.

manaTec GmbH is a official Odoo Gold Partner

A successful project depends on many factors - especially the integration partner you choose. manaTec GmbH is an official Odoo Gold Partner and is happy to support you as a full-service provider in all areas of ERP implementation.

Success Stories.

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